There is only so far

I’ve noticed on bad days I am not a courteous driver on the way home.  When I get home I have usually burned off that edge so thankfully Ms. DudeRN doesn’t have to deal with my crap. But if I have to stop at the grocery store on my way home you better not let that cart ding my sweet ford focus or you will get some serious ugly look and maybe even some crazy muttering.

Last time they assembled us for their BS meeting it was the start of the shift, we didn’t know what was coming. We were sheep.  This time it was different.

Things were not going well on the floor.  We were a full house with admission after admission and nobody going home.  Only a few walkie-talkie patients and the rest were heavy fall risks.  It was just the wrong time to mess with us.   We don’t often see the VP of Nursing.  She spends her time in boardrooms and offices but she still makes sure everyone knows she keeps her RN current.  Sometimes she does a walk through and just stands around watching and listening.  She will walk up on your conversation with a doctor or another nurse or a family member and just stand there creepily.  It’s pretty annoying.

We talked about what to do when you see someone being  “talked to” by management at our last organizing committee meeting.  The plan is if you see someone getting “talked to” you go stand next to them.  You don’t need to join in or make it confrontational just stand there next to her and be a witness and a support.  It didn’t really work out that way.

I guess they were thinking they were going to pull us off the floor for another meeting and that it would be good to start with Gina.  Gina has been supportive of our union, she still wears the MLK button, but she hasn’t been really public about it.  She was standing there in the hallway toe to toe with the VP of Nursing and Lookout looks at me and without words we go stand next to Gina.  All of the sudden there are five nurses standing shoulder to shoulder.  Gina is holding her own asking sharp questions about equipment and the shift differential.  VP lady tries to go for the ”but we’re a team” and I don’t know what happened because suddenly I’m talking.  “If we are a team then put on some scrubs and get to work here cause we have patients to take care of and we don’t have time for your anti union bullying”.  Others chime in and VP lady bites her lip, says “well… I see” and turns on her heel and storms out.

You would think we would have had some cheering and high fives all around but we break up and get to work without much said.  The rest of the shift is kind of a blur of patient care.  I don’t think she will be back on our floor anytime soon.


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  1. Posted by John RN on April 6, 2013 at 8:12 pm

    Standing strong! I like it when nurses stand up for themselves.


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